Retouching Panels by Creative Catalyst

Tools for Every Photographer

Creative Catalyst retouching panels for Photoshop are geared at helping photographers and retouching artists across all genres develop an efficient and effective post-production workflow. Our panels offer simple, 1-button solutions to many of the repetitive tasks we all face in post. Whether you are a portrait photographer or a landscape photographer, or anywhere in between, the Creative Catalyst line of retouching panels are the workflow catalyst you need to take your work to the next level.

C2Retouch Beauty Panel

The C2Retouch Beauty Panel is the workhorse panel for photographers and retouching artist of all genres. Offering quick, centralized access to pre-configured tools, common filters, and layer creation for many common post-production tasks and techniques, this panel makes quick work of repetitive tasks.

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C2Retouch Control Panel

The C2Retouch Control Panel is mission control central for all post-processing tasks in Photoshop. Quickly and easily create common layers, flip, rotate, convert, save, and more. Say goodbye to searching through various menus with centralized, 1-button access to a variety of commands.

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C2Retouch FX+Timer Panel

The C2Retouch FX+Timer Panel offers the user quick layer creation for common effects, such as lens flares and lighting effects, as well as tools for manipulating color and saturation. The time tracker portion of the panel allows the user to track time spent on individual images and projects for time reporting and more.

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