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Learning Photoshop and developing a solid post-processing workflow can be difficult and time-consuming process, which is why we’ve developed a range of resources aimed at helping you become the photographer you’ve always dreamed of being.

EducationWorkflow Catalysts

Our goal is to create a community of creatives in the photographic industry who are willing to teach and learn from one another in order to strengthen the industry for everyone.

Learn Photoshop

Learn Photoshop for digital photography from the ground up. Our book teaches structured workflow and an analytical approach to retouching based on strong foundational skills in art theory.

Knowledge Base

We are working on the creation and expansion of a knowledge base for questions on retouching and the post-processing workflow, as well as general photography tips.

Video Tutorials

We are continuously working to put out new videos tutorials based on member requests each week as a free resource for photographers and retouching artists.

Presets & Actions

In addition to a range of panels for Photoshop, we have also created several collections of develop presets for both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, as well as several actions for Photoshop.

Panels & Plug-Ins

We have developed a range of panels and plugins for Photoshop which are aimed at various tasks and different aspects of the post processing workflow.

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