The Digital Photographer's Photoshop

A Comprehensive guide to better Photoshop use and techniques for digital photographers

Photoshop Better

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We all want to create better images. There is no question that knowing how to properly use Photoshop can take our images to the next level. The problem is that learning Photoshop can be a difficult and intensive process, and finding a comprehensive source of information for using Photoshop can be challenging. Piecing together bits of knowledge from hundreds of sources can be frustrating, and often leads to bad technique and poor workflow habits.

As a photographer and retouching artist, I have spent years learning correct techniques and how to properly use the various elements of Photoshop, such as layers, selections, masks, channels, tools, filters, and more. I have developed a strong set of workflows for everything from my commercial work, retouching portraiture and wedding photography, to my personal landscape and travel photography work.

I have spent the past 2 years putting everything I have learned into these pages. From the most fundamental aspects of Photoshop to advanced techniques and workflows, this book covers it all.


The Digital Photographer’s Photoshop is structured from the most basic skills and techniques to the most advanced. Each section builds off the skills taught in the previous section for a more robust learning experience.

For Everyone

This book is not directed toward a single genre or skill level in the industry. The skills and techniques taught in this book are for everyone from hobbyist landscape photographers to the professional fashion photographer. Beginner to advanced.


Over 500 pages on Photoshop, covering everything from basic use to advanced technique. All illustrated with over 1000+ full-color images to demonstrate concepts and techniques.

Learn the Skills You Need

Throughout this book you will learn core skills which will allow you to tackle any problem you face in Photoshop. Instead of step-by-step recipes for specific problems, you will learn the skills needed to identify and analyze the issue and come up with the best solution for correcting it.

Skin & Beauty Retouching

Learn how to retouch skin, eyes, teeth and more for a more refined portrait look

Color Theory & Control

Learn the concepts which drive color edits so that you can control color like a pro

Repair Damaged Images

Get the skills to repair images with color or tonal damage in Photoshop

Advanced Image Processing

Learn how to use layer masks, selection, adjustment layers, channels, and more.